Queulat National Park

One of the most iconic places to visit within the Carretera Austral, near Puyuhuapi, admired by thousands of visitors who arrive attracted by its evergreen and Andean Patagonian forests, waterfalls, fjords, steep walls, mighty rivers and its famous hanging glacier, which can be seen from Carretera Austral. Its most important attractions are the Ventisquero Colgante (hanging glacier), the Laguna Témpanos, the Bosque Encantado and the Laguna Los Pumas trail.

Volcanic Hot Springs

The southern area of ​​Chile is known for the large amount of volcanic hot springs, a product of the enormous magmatic activity that occurs in the Andes Mountains. In the vicinity of the Lodge you can visit two thermal centers:

  • Ventisquero Hot Springs, located near Puyuhuapi.
  • El Sauce Hot Springs, located near La Junta.

Puerto Puyuhuapi

Puyuhuapi is a picturesque town located at the northern end of the Puyuhuapi fjord, surrounded by hills of incredible beauty with abundant vegetation. In this quiet town, the first settlers traditions of German and Chiloe origin are still breathed. It's possible to take a walk along the seafront and taste the high quality gastronomic offer with a variety of restaurants and cafes with preparations of local products.

A recommended trekking is the Los Canelos trail, with panoramic views of the town from the top and boats leave from the town for tours and nautical activities, which generally must be scheduled in advance.

La Junta

Its name comes from the union of the two main rivers in the area, the Rosselot and the Palena river.

It is one of the most populated places in the north of the Aysén Region, with about 1,700 people and has several of the basic necessary services such as an ATM and CESFAM (basic health care), as well as different minimarkets and restaurants.

The beautiful waters of the Palena and Rosselot rivers invite you to practice recreational fishing, kayaking, rafting, catarafting or a quiet boat ride, all offered by the locals.

La Junta has a large number of natural attractions, which make it a great destination for hikers who wish to visit its rivers, the Barros Arana mountain range, the Melimoyu volcano and the beautiful Claro Solar lake.

Some recommended trekking places are Las Bardas Park and the Rosselot Lake Reserve.


Raul Marín Balmaceda

Located at the mouth of the imposing Palena River is the island of Raul Marín Balmaceda, one of the oldest towns in the region. This beautiful town is surrounded by wonderful white sand beaches and abundant marine fauna.

To get there it is necessary to cross the Palena River on a government-subsidized barge.

In Raul Marín Balmaceda you can do different water activities such as kayaking and natural observation walks, most of which must be scheduled in advance.

* The road passes through La Junta, a larger town where there are more supply and food options.

Lago Verde

Beautiful rural town located near the border with Argentina, with strong country traditions where you can find the most seasoned gauchos in Patagonia.

Being further east you can see the connection of the evergreen forest with the Patagonian steppe, as well as beautiful mountains, rivers and lakes.

This town is also characterized by its recreational fishing and its beautiful surroundings such as Lake Verde itself.

* The road passes through La Junta, a larger town where there are more supply and food options.

Puerto Cisnes


With an approximate population of 2,500 inhabitants, Puerto Cisnes is located in the bay of the Puyuhuapi channel, at the mouth of the Cisnes River and in front of the Isla Magdalena National Park.

Surrounded by lush vegetation and with a coastline that borders a beautiful beach, is this fishing village. Not to be missed are the “Virgen de las Rosas” trails, with a beautiful viewpoint over the city and “Dos Lagunas”, the latter ending in a viewpoint that allows you to contemplate the two lagoons that give it its name.

In Puerto Cisnes you will find a menu of fresh local marine products, mainly delicious preparations with hake, conger eel, silverside and others. In addition to interesting nautical tours.


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