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Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of Patagonia, with a backdrop composed of mountains and Risopatrón lake, El Pangue is an oasis of calm, welcoming visitors with unparalleled hospitality. Built with native hardwoods from the area by local carpenters and artisans from the towns of Puyuhuapi and La Junta, this Lodge represents the kindness and hospitality that characterizes the people of these distant lands.



Semi-detached one bedroom cabins for 1 to 3 guests, with breakfast included and central heating. Built with native woods and…

Double Garden View

Semi-detached one bedroom cabins for 1 to 3 guests, with breakfast included and central heating. Built with native woods and…

Twin Garden View

Confortable cabins for 4 to 5 guests, built with native woods and fully equipped for the family or group’s autonomy.…

Cabins for 5

Confortable cabins for 5 to 7 guests, built with native woods and fully equipped for the family or group’s autonomy.…

Cabins for 7

Comfortable family cabin for 4 to 5 guests. It is perfectly and completely autonomous secluded cabin, placed separately from the…

Countryside House



Delicious Food

Meals served at the Lodge aim to replicate the Patagonian experience, mixing authentic Chilean cuisine with rustic local products. The food is richly combined with the best Chilean wines, with a wide selection that reflects the very best that our country have to offer, perfect for any meal and occasion.

Swimming Pool

Come and try our heated pool and accompany it with a sauna bath and / or jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing after a day exploring outdoors.

our trail by the river,
in winter

El Pangue History

How the adventure began

Heidi and Ramiro (founders of El Pangue Lodge):

In February 1985 we came with three of our children (Andrés, 6 years old, Cristián, 3 years old, and Javiera, 8 months old, Sebastián the youngest, not yet born) to visit the Carretera Austral. The road was very precarious (very narrow and rough) and we broke all our tires, but we still loved it and saw a place full of opportunities for enterprising people, like us. Our families tenaciously opposed the idea that was born to us, because they found it crazy and we would also lose our good jobs in Santiago because of this adventure. We decided to return in winter 1985 and stay a week in Puyuhuapi to see what we found and how terrible that winter was with which our families threatened us to give up. The idea was to find a place to start our dream together. We had a fantastic time ... a week of sun, but quite cold. We felt that the area was calling us, no rain and stormy winds and we had even found a few hectares with a beach in the Puyuhuapi fjord. We made a purchase agreement between the civilian of Puyuhuapi and we paid a part. On October 23, 1985, only Ramiro left with our things to settle in our new home, after driving from Santiago along the precarious routes of the Carretera Austral, we were surprised that they could no longer sell us the plot, because his relatives were They had opposed, so they returned the money and gave us a couple of heifers to compensate us for the loss. It was like a bucket of cold water ... We continued with the search for the rest of the summer, when in February 1986 we were able to sign the deed for the purchase of a farm on the north shore of Lake Risopatrón, owned by Ernesto Ludwig's succession of the first settlers from Puyuhuapi.


Time line with most important events

  • The Adventure started

    The Adventure started

    We moved to Patagonia.


  • New Settlers

    New Settlers
    When we got to the terrain, we set up a large tent, one of those with two bedrooms, and we lived there for 4 months until we built a chainsaw ranch.

  • First Construction

    First Construction
    First construction by our hands, it was quite humble, but it was our home and in our lands.

  • Construction of the Restaurant and first Cabins

    Construction of the Restaurant and first Cabins
    We started the construction of cabin in two modules, the big ones closer to the lake and the restaurant. At that time the trip to Coyhaique lasted approx. 7 hours with several tire changes. It was the trip of the month to buy special groceries and building materials.

  • First Customers

    First Customers
    In December 1987 we had our first guests, who were from Hoechst Chemistry. The dining room was warm with a wood burning stove, but the kitchen had no glass in the windows, only the window frames were covered in plastic. Our food got cold and Heidi cooked with a wool hat because of the cold. Ramiro and the children acted as waiters and kitchen helpers.

  • Club House expansion and construction of Rooms

    Club House expansion and construction of Rooms
    In 1994 we expanded El Pangue and built 8 exterior rooms and expanded the club house.

  • Hydraulic Turbine installation and Pool Area construction

    Hydraulic Turbine installation and Pool Area construction
    Then in 1995 we installed a hydraulic turbine, with which we achieved electrical autonomy and finally in 1997 we decided to build the heated pool together with the two jacuzzis and a sauna. All this with great economic efforts and ingenuity to achieve what we had in mind with the precarious means that we had.

  • Nowadays

    In all these following years we have dedicated ourselves to maintaining and improving infrastructure and services, because tourism here is still very stationary and low, due to the problems of road and maritime connectivity that we have with Puerto Montt. Also how immensely expensive it is to educate four children away from home. Now they are all professionals. We hope you enjoy and appreciate what we have managed to build in this remote place in Chilean Patagonia.

    Ramiro and Heidi

For the everyones tranquility, we are certified by Sernatur, through the Commitment Certificate to Protocols and Guides to good practices for management and prevention in the tourism industry is a synonym of Tourism Confidence.

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