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El Pangue Lodge Protocols

Pangue Lodge’s grounds are dotted with cabins ranging in size from studio to three-bedroom options all along 39,5 acres. In Covid-19 stigmatized times, one bedroom cabins are a great choice for a secluded and cozy escape in the middle of the woods, with no risks of shared areas. Our two to three-bedroom cabins are completely self-sufficient and independent, featuring a kitchen and living room overlooking Risopatron lake so every family enjoy within a safe zone.

We expect to provide a good service under these new conditions so you can enjoy of such beautiful place as this one. We are also aware of the local authorities’ news to be able to operate and guarantee our visitors’ safety.

We’ve created a handbook with cleaning and disinfecting protocols based on the Chilean Department of Health and Department of Tourism, which will be implemented in all of our cabins. We’ve also updated the Protocol for prevention management of COVID-19 for restaurants.



The following measures will need to be adopted by our guests:

  • Each guest will need to fulfill an Affidavit for Travelers to prevent Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) in Reception, along with his/her passport or ID for purposes of prevention and tracking.
  • At the entrance, temperature will be taken. It needs to be in the accepted range.
  • Each guest must frequently wash his/her hands with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizing.
  • Each guest must respect the limited capacity in shared areas.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory.
  • Physical contact should be avoided.
  • Social distance must be kept (1 meter distance).

At reception:

  • 80 centimeters high glass screen from the reception desk for tourists and staff protection.
  • Limited capacity designation.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizing station.
  • Disinfectant foot-bath at the entrance.
  • We’ve implemented a new system to privilege online Check-in to avoiding crowd and physical documents manipulation.
  • Touchless payments will be privileged (bank transfer or credit card).
  • POS machine will be disinfected after every use.

Measures related to shared areas and Club House:

  • Unfortunately we will keep our Club House closed, which will include internal areas such as Restaurant, game room and living room. Only the frontdesk it's going to be available for check-in and check -out.

Measured related to heated Swimming Pool and Jacuzzis:

  • Increase of chlorine among recommended limits.
  • Exclusive area for dirty towels return.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfectations of bathrooms and change rooms based on our protocols.
  • Booking system to avoid crowds.
  • Unfortunately our swimming pool will remain closed until further notice.

Measures related to cabins:

  • Key will be in the bedroom.
  • Communication with reception will be through intercom, with no need to attend reception (only needed at Check in and Check out).
  • Studio cabins will have room service breakfast. Bigger cabins are independent.
  • Laundry service and daily room service will be not available.

Important: It is necessary that our guests read and know the protocol to be developed for COVID positive or presumptively positive – or potential carrier- guests. (pág. 28)


Measures towards our guests:

  • Inform the practices and risks of COVID-19 virus.
  • Have local and regional phone numbers and addresses of healthcare centers, as well as local healthcare authorities.
  • Every worker will use his/her PPE (Personal Protection Elements) to guarantee your health and safety.
  • COVID-19 lifestyle will be encouraged among our workers.

We are part of SERNATUR (Department of Tourism) Commitment Certificate!

The Commitment Certificate to Protocols and Guides to good practices for management and prevention in the tourism industry is a synonym of Tourism Confidence and accounts the commitment of prepare to operate and receive visitors whenever is safe to do it, understanding that our current health crisis brings in new sanitation and hygiene requirements, assuring health conditions to our workers and tourists.

Let’s protect each other’s health!